ascended master’s thank you;)

17 Feb

dear ascended one’s

My name is james christopher kuta and i wanted to share with all who will listen about a time on earth that has much uncerteney while the mother has ascended into 5D many on this earth have not and i just wanted to say without daniel from ireland the ascension would be imposseble for myself as he has guided me and people i no to help us see that the illusion is what we called reallity duality in fact was our reality and heaven was somthing we read about in a book .well let me tell u my reality was blown wide open into love peace and unity and it came not from him doing it or even telling me how to do it. it came with the guidance of love and no matter what i told him he remained strong in love and forgiving in so many ways and i feel a responsbilty to share how wonderfull it feels to actually see yourself as so much more then we were tought in school and to realize we have everything we need and have guides and angels deffenitly watching over us all wondering when we will see them so i think its about time that they the star familys and ascended masters and all the angels take a bowe. your all so special to me and many others that i cant put into words how i feel about u all but ill try to put into words how my special friend means to me well id say he is like a cape breton summer day when all the wind and trees are quiet and the ocean waters calm that feeling when u get up in the morning and sit down with the ones u love and see the birds squerlls and see the peacefull day unfold within you . id say he is like a mother kangaroo with her child holding him close and nurturing him in her pouch . id say he is like the red cardenal that comes and sittes on the branch watching over every living creature on this planet with beauty in his presents . id say he is like wise man with love and knoweledge. id say he is like mosses in that he building the arc for all who will compair him to my grandfather the most important man in my childhood the only stable loving person i had in my life . id say he is like the grandcanyon so wonderous and huge in love and knoweledge and id say he is like flying for the first time the beauty so amazing .he is like everysingle monent in your life that was beautiful and i cant prase him enough and he diserves every single comment i say for he did so much to help me and sat threw the junk in my trunk lol when i figured he had enough he was back for more lol and never gave up on me one little bit when every single person i know gave up on me he was the last man standing lol shining so bright for me to see to say he is anything but a angel would be a huge understatment for he is the stars at night and the sun in the morning on the rise to create a shift from duality to unity back to the one the christ concousness . and i really hope you daniel reckenize how wonderful u really are and how much u helped me grow for i still have alot of work but see so clear its amaizing how if one human ascended master can make such a drastic change in so many i cant wait to go to school with them and others of course to say daniel that u create such beauty and love in all u touch is understatment and cant express how much u mean to me ! i just wanted to say this to u and u can do what u wish to this as its your card of loving care and respect in knowing ill see u soon my friend its somthing i crave like my star familys too i cant wait to get back this earth with every single person on this planet with all your help and mine i hope lol well daniel u the man u the man im going out with telescope here soon and u will be on my mind with many other loving visions ok love u bro and hope and pray u able to touch a million billion more ok 😉


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